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Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium 2020

February 1, 2020
9 am to 5 pm

Why heraldry?
Why Illumination?

Or better yet - Why Not?

Schedule in brief

Gate opens: 9am

Classes begin: 9:30am

Herald's Consulting table opens: 10am

Lunch Tavern: Noon - 2 pm

Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium Tournament begins: Noon

Herald's Consulting table closes : 3:00pm

Classes end: 3:55pm

Heraldic and Scribal Tea: 4:00pm

Heart of the Shepherd Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Exit 133 from I-96
South of I-96
If you reach Mason Rd, you will need to turn around.
If you reach Tanger Mall, you will have to turn around and go over the expressway to the other part of N Burkhart Rd.

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The entire campus (including parking lot) is Bone Dry - no alcohol allowed on the premises.
The entire campus (including parking lot) is drug and tobacco-free. This includes (but is not limited to): e-Cigs, Vaping, Chaw, Hookas, etc.
NO STAKES - Underground Sprinkler System

Adult: $10

Member Discount: $5

Youth (6-17 yrs): $2.50

Child (0 - 5 years: Free

Herald's Pointe

The purpose of Herald's Pointe is to provide an opportunity for everybody to meet with heralds without many of the distractions present at other events.

This is the return of the gathering of heralds to provide SCA members with the expertise of the College of Heralds to choose a period name and device that do not conflict with others in the SCA or the historical /current Royal families/ persons/ groups/ organizations (i.e. the British Royal Family, Knights Of the Empire, Margaret Thatcher). Instruction is given for the submission process - documentation needed, forms, timeframe, costs. Get your name and device evaluated and paperwork prepared for submission to the SCA College of Heralds. If you pay the fees, submission is also completed for you.

If you are a new herald, want to become a herald or interested in heraldry - here is an opportunity to learn about heraldry in the Middle Kingdom.

There are displays of heraldry and often classes on what to do with your heraldry for the populace while you are waiting or after you have completed registering your heraldry.

Scribal Collegium

The Scribal Collegium is a chance to learn how to illuminate or put those pretty pictures/designs on paper/vellum/parchment for Midrealm award scrolls. There will be assistance in learning the basics of Calligraphy as well. The Scribal Collegium will have instruction for those who wish/need it, and a opportunity for the experienced to learn new skills.

Scribal Soup (Vegetarian and gluten free)

Herald's Chili with Meat

Herald's Vegetarian Chili


Bread with various butters

Bottomless Coffee and Tea will be available all day

Martial Tournaments

Have you ever been at an event and been totally lost watching the fighters in a tournament? Are you not sure who is fighting? Or even more confusing - can not tell who won the bout?

We would like to train people to be field heralds so this period practice can be used more extensively in the lists by the Middle Kingdom.

To facilitate this training, Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium is planing both rapier and heavy fighting tournaments. See the drop down tabs below for more on the tournaments.

Arts and Sciences - Baroness Aliyah’s Golden Challenge

The Baroness Aliyah’s Golden Challenge for Herald’s Pointe and Scribal Collegiumis Best Use of Heraldry

See drop down tab beow for more information.

In honor of North Wood's 50th Anniversary, Baron Áindle and Baroness Aliyah will be hosting a Heraldic and Scribal Tea.

2020 schedule of classes

Start Time

Classroom 1 Classroom 2 Classroom 3
9:30 am A Scroll is not a Scroll is not a Scroll - Non-traditional Scrolls by Baroness Aliyah Basic Heraldic Arms led by Warder Damian Nihthauk
11:00 am Introduction to Finger-Spelling and SCA Sign led by Beorn of Delvingrim How to Be a Signet Herald led by Mistress Sorcha Fraser, OP

Lunch and Field Herald Track: Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium Tournament in Multi-Purpose Room

1:00 pm Chinese Character Calligraphy: Intro/Discussion led by Lord Choi Min Flags and Heraldic Displays led by Warder Damian Nighthauk
2:30 pm Techniques for Personalizing Scrolls led by Mistress Sorcha Fraser, OP Puzzle Letters and Pen Work by Lord Thibaut Pomeroy de Marchaut

Heraldry Consultation table open to all from 10 am - 3:30 pm. Closed for Lunch from noon to 1pm

Field Heraldry classes from 10 am in MultiPurose room. See Baron Aindle.

Scroll Cover Workshop from 10 am - Noon pm in classroom 3. Closed for Lunch Tavern.

Meet the Signets in lobby 1pm

Heraldic and Scribal Tea: 4:00pm


Drop-in Scroll Case Workshop - Learn to make basic scroll cases, return cases you no longer need, or drop off material donations. Materials needed: Just about any type of woven fabric (Please no stretchy knits or slick/shiny fabrics) and corrugated cardboard or 1/4' foam board (Break down all those extra boxes from deliveries!)

Meet the Signets: Informal Chat Time with the Fenris Signets (and maybe a not-so-surprise visit from the Dragon Signet). Here about our thrilling scribal exploits and the fun of being a signet!

Who can participate? Everyone

Who decides the winner? Everyone (Bean count)

What is the challenge? Best use of heraldry

What documentation is needed? Whatever you want to provide (No documentation required to enter)

When? Open judging 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Why? ~ Bragging Rights & Prizes

Why? ~ You’re Awesome

Baroness Aliyah’s Golden Challenge pdf

The tournaments (except for the Herald Tournament) will be formatted to be as open as possible so people can come and go freely so everybody who needs it can get their Coat of Arms and Devices registered. Let’s keep the heralds busy. This is an event all about Heralds and Scribes, if you have bucklers or Banners with your Coat of Arms or your group's colors please feel free to bring them and display them. The schedule below is fluid. If the group decides and combatants are limited we may switch to open sparring / one on one with MODS or Bronze Rings or group training and advice.

9 am

List opens, inspections, authorizations. Open Sparring

10 am

Wounds retained Bear Pit

11 am

Round Robin Specific Forms Tourney

~MODS single dagger,~Bronze Ring Single Sword,~Cavendish knots Sword and Rigid or sword and non-rigid,~ All Others Free choice
*Default to Single sword if you do not have a specific style
** IF we have herald who would help us Judge and wanted practice reading arms we may do a tournament where each combatant is shown a coat of arms and has to give the correct heraldic description of the item in question. IF they are correct (or close enough for the Herald) they will get an extra life in the bout. **


Lunch and Herald Tournament

All Entrants must have a registered coat of arms (Either previously or submitted on that day)
Best 2 out of 3 Bring your best
This Tournament is to help the Field Heralds work on Heralding Tournaments.

3 pm

Let fates decide

Bear pit style tournament single pass
Two bags to draw from one is your weapon style the other is your advantage and disadvantage.

9 am

List opens

Inspections, authorizations and open sparring.

10:30 am

Round robin, Swiss 5

All authorized styles fought.

Lunch and Herald Tournament

All Entrants must have a registered coat of arms (Either previously or submitted on that day)
Dice tournament. Roll for your opponents weapons style. Double elimination.
This Tournament is to help the Field Heralds work on Heralding Tournaments.


Heraldry Required

Round Robin, bring your best!

See you there!

Event Staff for 2020

HP&SC Classes Coordinator - The Honorable Lady Aine ÓConnail

Lunch Tavern Steward - Baroness Aliyah

Marshal in Charge for Rapier - Lord Lambert de Penrith

Marshal in Charge for Armor -Lady Helena Falkenstein

Herald's Consulting table -The Honorable Lord Jean Yves de Chierebourg (Dragon Herald)

Registration/Gate/Troll - Lady Odelia of White Waters

A&S Display Coordinator- The Honorable Lady SaehildR barngodR

Event Steward - Baron Áindle

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