Coming February 17, 2024

Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium

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Schedule in brief

Gate opens: 9am
Classes begin: 10am
Herald's Consulting table opens: 10am
Lunch Tavern: Noon - 1 pm
Herald's Consulting table closes: 3:30pm
Classes end: 3:55pm

Heraldic and Scribal Tea: 4:00pm

401 W Grand River Ave, Howell MI 48843

The entire campus (including parking lot) is Bone Dry - no alcohol allowed on the premises.
The entire campus (including parking lot) is drug and tobacco-free. This includes (but is not limited to): e-Cigs, Vaping, Chaw, Hookas, etc.

Adult: $15

Adult Member: $10

Youth (6-17 yrs): $7.00

Child (0 - 5 years: Free

Herald's Pointe

Herald's Pointe provides an opportunity to learn about the various uses of heraldry in the Middle Kingdom. If you are an aspiring herald, want to practice the heraldic arts, or interested in the use of heraldry this is your event!

There will be displays of heraldry and often classes on how to use your heraldry - in addition to the classes on the heraldric arts.

This is the return of the gathering of heralds to provide SCA members with the expertise of the College of Heralds to choose a period name and device that do not conflict with others in the SCA or the historical/current Royal families/ persons/ groups/ organizations (i.e. the British Royal Family, Knights Of the Empire, Margaret Thatcher). Instruction is given for the submission process - documentation needed, forms, timeframe, costs. Get your name and device evaluated and paperwork prepared for submission to the SCA College of Heralds. If you pay the fees, submission is also completed for you.

Scribal Collegium

The Scribal Collegium offers classes for aspiring Scribes and those seeking to improve their art. If you want to learn more about the scribal arts within the Midrealm, this event provides opportunities to try different mediums, to learn about layouts, calligraphy, and the Midrealm Award system.

$7 meal

Scribal Soup or
Vegetarian vegetable with alphabet pasta (gluten free if I can find it)
Herald's Blaz'n Meatballs
(Sweet n' Tangy meatballs)
Breads and Butters
Warm Fruit Compote

Beverages - $1 a la carte
Bottomless Coffee and Tea - which will be available all day
$2 your cup, $5 our cup

As is our tradition - WealdLake will be hosting a Heraldic and Scribal Tea.

Classes are being scheduled. Please contact Baron Áindle if you are interested in teaching a class.

Heraldry Consultation table open to all from 10 am - 3:30 pm. Closed for Lunch from noon to 1pm

Field/Voice Heraldry classes from 10 am in Front room.

Scroll Cover Workshop from 10 am - 2:30 pm at table 4. Closed for Lunch Tavern.

Scroll Case Workshop - Learn to make basic scroll cases, return cases you no longer need, or drop off material donations. Materials needed: Just about any type of woven fabric (Please no stretchy knits or slick/shiny fabrics) and corrugated cardboard or 1/4' foam board (Break down all those extra boxes from deliveries!)

Who can participate? Everyone

Who decides the winner? Everyone (Bean count)

What is the challenge? Best use of heraldry

What documentation is needed? Whatever you want to provide (No documentation required to enter)

When? Open judging from open - 3:00 pm

Why? ~ Bragging Rights & Prizes

Why? ~ You’re Awesome

Event Staff for 2024

Registration/Gate/Troll - The Honorable Lady Odelia of White Waters

Herald's Consulting table - Meister Konrad Mailander, OP (Goldstreitkolb Herold Extraordinary)

Lunch Tavern Steward - Baroness Aliyah

Tea Steward - Lady Guda Fuchs aka Karlana of Wealdlake

Event Steward and Classes Coordinator - Baron Áindle