Officers of the Canton

In any organization, there are those who keep the group functioning -and then there are the group officers. Here is the list of our group officers and their contact email address:

Lady Odelia of White Waters


The representative for the local group to the outside world. Acts as the chief administrative officer, similar to a group's president.
See also: Kingdom Seneschal website

Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lady Aine ÓConnail

Chancellor of the Exchequer:

In charge of the financial affairs of the group. Also known as the Treasurer or Reeve.
See also: Kingdom Exchequer website

Minister of the Arts and Sciences
The Honorable Lady SaehildR barngodR

Minister of Arts and/or Minister of Sciences:

Coordinates the study and practice of the medieval arts and sciences. See this officer if you have any questions in these areas or want to learn more about one of the skills and crafts.
See also: Kingdom Minister of Arts and Science

Social Media Office
The Honorable Lady SaehildR barngodR

Social Media Office:

Administers the Social Media sites of the canton.

Group Knight Marshall
Lady Helena Falkenstein

In charge of the rules and regulations for fighting and archery. Sees to the safety of the participants. Keeps a record of who is authorized locally. Is responsible for seeing that fighters have an opportunity for training. See also: WealdLake's Armored page, Fencing/rapier page or Archery Page



Person responsible for design and maintenance of the groups web site/web page.

Additional officers you may see or hear of :


Certified in the modern world in first aid. Usually available at events to provide first aid for minor injuries. Not a required office for local groups.

Minister of Youth

The Minister of Youth coordinates the activates of the group for the youth. See also: SCAKids 


The Chatelaine is the Newcomers' liaison - the person who can help get you started in the SCA.
See also : Kingdom Chatelaine website or the SCA Newcomers Portal

Chronicler BadgeChronicler

Publishes the group's newsletter. See also: Kingdom Chronicler

Herald BadgePursuivant

The local heraldic officer. In charge of making announcements and helping people research their names and heraldic devices in preparation for submission to the College of Heralds.
See also: Kingdom Heralds website