Fencing or rapier in the SCA

At many venues, we have had Adult fencing or rapier demonstrated. At most SCA events, fencing for both youth and adults is available for authorized fighters to test your skill against the other fencers of the realm. A new style starting to take hold for adults is Cut and Thrust. The regulations for equipment may vary from Kingdom to Kingdom as allowed by Society Rules. However, the one rule that is always applied - Safety First!

For information on the web, you can go to the Midrealm Kingdom's website or the SCA website.

To see fighters in action or try it yourself, there are weekly fighter practices (weather permiting) hosted by Wealdlake. See the Canton Calendar for dates and location information.

Additional practices in the general area of WealdLake:

You can join see the Barony of Cynnabar (Ann Arbor, MI) practice on Sunday afternoons, with information at the Cynnabar Knight Marshall page or the North Woods Canton of Ealdnordwuda fighter practice (in Lansing, MI) on Wednesday nights. For up-to-date information, check their Canton Facebook Group.