At events where the venue permits, we have equestrian events. At these events you can watch participants engage in jousting, shooting a bow and arrows, casting a spear, snagging rings with a spear and other activities from horseback or a cart. Both mules and horses are used in these games.

We engage in the study of the historical role and utilization of horses and their ilk in the ancient and medieval worlds. To participate, you will learn and develop skill in the areas of horsemanship, mounted martial prowess, equine studies, and equestrian related arts and sciences.

Below are pictures from a Wealdlake member as well the medieval village demo.

For information on the web, you can go to the Midrealm Kingdom's website or the SCA website.

From the SCA.org Equestrian activites page:

At some SCA events you will see colorfully-attired riders and horses charging at one another with lances, and taking part in games of skill which squires and other mounted warriors practiced in the medieval period.
SCA equestrian activities include mounted combat, jousting with opponents using foam or wooden lances, and games such as jousting at rings, hitting the quintain, obstacle courses, and archery from horseback. Youths may participate in those equestrian activities that don’t require wearing a helmet.