Grand Tour

A Taste of the Middle East

Schedule coming Spring 2025.

Site will have room for feast, fighting and classes!

Registration information coming soon!

Coming from the canton that brings you It Takes My Child to Raise a Village (our take on a family centered event), brought you Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium (our take on an A&S event), and Ale to the Victors (our twist on a fighting event)- we present our second year of The Grand Tour.

We are preparing and serving a feast after a day of fighting and A&S - WealdLake style.

What is a Feast without Armored and Rapier Fighting?

There are Rapier and Armored Tournaments during the day with the Finals as entertainment for Feast.

There will be A&S tournaments - A Populace Bean Count Tournament and a special Dessert A&S Tournament.

The last event's menu was from the 14th century. The menu was:

First course

Turkish delights

Second Course

Moroccan Masterpieces

Third course

Persian Silk Road Favorites

Fourth Course

Byzantine Banquet

Dessert revel

A&S dessert entries - Bring your best Baklava

Beverages for feast

Fruit juice
Citrus water

Is based on the location of the feast's lunch fare.

To be determined closer to the event.

To be determined closer to the event.
To be scheduled closer to the event.

The Grand Tour Event Steward - Baroness Aliyah

The Grand Tour Deputy Steward and Chief Cook - Lady Helena

Rapier Marshal in Charge -

Armored Marshal in Charge -

Arts and Sciences Classes Coordinator -