Arts and Science as Practiced in the SCA

In the SCA there is a saying - If they did it then, we do it now. Examples that fall in to the A&S realm are the Illumination, Woodworking and Cooking pages on this site. Our canton member Baroness Aliyah has a website dedicated to A&S called her Online Portfolio of the Arts & Sciences.
For a short summary, see the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences page below.

Below taken from the Kingdom Chatelaine's page:

Okay. So what if I don't want to fight?

While Tournament Combat is one of the most visible aspects of the Society, there are many things to do for those who prefer other activities. Archery, leather crafting, cooking, heraldry, calligraphy, music, dancing, brewing & vinting , spinning & weaving, are just a few of the arts and sciences researched, taught, and practiced by our members.

While the SCA  period of history is stated to cover between 600 & 1600 AD, you will find the some push that envelope a little, and, while most members study mainly European cultures, you will find many people study other cultures known to Europe during this era. Some people pick a time period and culture and learn and preform crafts and activities only from that time, others dabble in two or more different times! You may find in your heart you are a Viking, but love fencing!  Learn and practice whatever crafts and activities you find an interest in. You'll soon find who you wish to be in the SCA.