Medieval Village Demonstrations List

Demonstrations that were given at the Medieval Village.

  1. A medieval encampment
  2. Jousting Demonstration
  3. Music highlighted by a Dulcimer group
  4. Viking Wire Weaving
  5. Lucet cording
  6. Smocking
  7. Card weaving
  8. Inkle loom weaving
  9. Loom weaving
  10. Wood Joinery
  11. Furniture making (including rope beds)
  12. Agricultural woodworking
  13. Marriage customs
  14. Historic Middle Eastern dancing
  15. Chain mail manufacturing (knitting)
  16. Devil sticks
  17. Juggling
  18. Leather working, including armor, belts, and pouches
  19. Presentations on the different types of armor
  20. Kumihimo weaving
  21. Felting
  22. Blacksmithing
  23. Presentation on medieval crime and punishment including
  24. Stocks and Pillorys
  25. Perfumery
  26. Clothing with garb history and manufacture
  27. Busking
  28. Storytelling
  29. Puppetry
  30. Crochet
  31. Cross stitching
  32. Calligraphy
  33. Illumination
  34. Celtic wire jewelry
  35. Bards and singing
  36. History of toys
  37. Hand-made rope rings and ring-toss game
  38. Heavy Armor fighting
  39. Rapier fighting
  40. Glass bead making
  41. Medieval Camping (a tent set up for people to walk through including a queen size rope bed, chairs, tables, chests)

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