What is Herald's Pointe?

In AS 42 (March 2008), we held the first Herald's Pointe. The purpose of Herald's Pointe was to provide the populace of the Middle Kingdom, as well as other realms, the opportunity to get their personal cognizance (also called personal device, emblazon or arms) evaluated for registry with the College of Heralds of the SCA. We can tell you whether it fits within the parameters selected by the SCA for registry, as well as whether another person has registered the emblazon as their cognizance.

In addition, the heralds may assist you in developing a name that fits your SCA persona. It can be registered with your emblazon.

Herald's Pointe provides an opportunity to meet with heralds without the distractions of other events. No need to rush between A&S classes, tournament bouts, etc. - just the heralds and you.

Herald's Pointe quickly grew to provide opportunities to learn about the various uses of heraldry in the Middle Kingdom/SCA.

If you are an aspiring herald, want to practice the heraldic arts, or interested in the use of heraldry this is your event! There will be displays of heraldry and often classes on how to use your heraldry - in addition to the classes on the heraldric arts.

By the fourth Herald's Pointe we added the Scribal Arts so the Heralds would have something to read in court.

Why have a registered emblazon/device/arms/cognizance?

A registered cognizance lets all know that you are the only one with that particular heraldry, thereby identifying who you are. For example, two knights with blank shields do not indicate whether they are meeting an enemy or a friend. If they are different, you now can identify who is who.  Both with the same emblazon should be of the same company - such as the Knights Templar or the Greenwood Company .

All who see my emblazon  described or blazoned as: Per bend nebuly azure and argent, a duck displayed Or and a fleur-de-lys vert  , know they see Áindle ÓDiarmada before them.

The same thing is done today - although the emblazons in the US are generally owned by companies and are called logos or trademarks.

For those who wish to be known by their own personal emblazon, the College of Heralds is available to assist through your local groups herald, at many Midrealm events and of course at Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium.

You already have your emblazon and name registered?

Great! Bring your examples of how you use your device for display. Or learn how to use your heraldry!

One of the holdups in getting the populace recognized by awards is a lack of scribes. Our Canton has added the Scribal Collegium to offer classes for aspiring Scribes and those seeking to improve their art. If you want to learn more about the scribal arts within the Midrealm, this event provides opportunities to try different mediums, to learn about layouts, calligraphy, and the Midrealm Award system. Click on the Why Illumination button below for more on the Scribal Arts.