It Takes MY Child To Raze A Village 2012 award scrolls

Done by Baroness Alianora bat Asriel (known as Lady Aliyah)

Arts and Sciences Adult
Arts and Sciences Child
Arts and Sciences Group
Arts and Sciences Teen
Arts and Sciences Youth
Archery Challenge Winner Youth
Archery Marshall's Choice
Rapier Division 1
Rapier Division 2
Rapier Division 3
Rapier Marshall's Choice
Armor Division 1
Armor Division 2
Armor Division 3
Armored Marshall's Choice
Autocrats Choice
Duckling Race
Gold Link
Green Leaf
White Feather

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Moleiro - Fine Art, Rare Books, Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts, First Editions, Maps and Atlases, Natural History, Masterpieces of Book Illumination, Books of Hours, Medieval Medicine, Facsimile editions and Replicas, A.D. 500 – 1465.

The Book of Hours -The Willamette University Archives and Special Collections include this 15th century book of hours that can be viewed online.

Book of Kells - The Book of Kells was written around the year 800 AD and is one of the most beautifully illuminated manuscripts in the world. It contains the four gospels, preceded by prefaces, summaries, and canon tables or concordances of gospel passages. At Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.