a Canton of the Barony of North Woods

Grand Tour

A Taste of 15th Century Germany

Gold Key (loaner garb for newcomers) available.

Schedule coming soon.

Heart of the Shepherd Lutheran Church

Exit 133 from I-96
South of I-96
If you reach Mason Rd, you will need to turn around.
If you reach Tanger Mall, you will have to turn around and go over the expressway to the other part of N Burkhart Rd.

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The entire campus (including parking lot) is Bone Dry - no alcohol allowed on the premises.
The entire campus (including parking lot) is drug and tobacco-free, This includes (but is not limited to): e-Cigs, Vaping, Chaw, Hookas, etc.
NO STAKES - Underground Sprinkler System
Registration information coming soon!

The North Woods Baronial A&S Champion will be announced at this event.

Coming from the canton that brings you It Takes My Child to Raise a Village (our take on a family centered event), brought you Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium (our take on an A&S event), and Ale to the Victors (our twist on a fighting event)- we present our second year of The Grand Tour.

We are preparing and serving a feast after a day of fighting and A&S - WealdLake style.

What is a Feast without Armored and Rapier Fighting?

There are Rapier and Armored Tournaments during the day with the Finals as entertainment for Feast.

With the announcement of the North Woods Baronial A&S Champion at this event, there will be A&S tournaments as well - A Populace Bean Count Tournament and a special 13th Century or Older Dessert A&S Tournament.

The judges for the Dessert A&S Tournament will be selected by a drawing. To enter the drawing it will be $5 a ticket. Entries from the tournament will be served at Feast.

The Feast

The format: you will enjoy a feast where all the dishes are from a specific period in time, with each course featuring delicious foods from different countries. This year the time period is the 15th Century Germany.

Come back for more information as it is cooked up!

Will be based on German lunch fare.
To be determined.
To be Determined.
To be determined.
Contact the Event Stewart to be added to the schedule,

The Grand Tour Event Steward - Lady Odelia of White Waters (email)

The Grand Tour Deputy Steward and Chief Cook - Lady Helena (email)

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