a Canton of the Barony of North Woods

Grand Tour

A Taste of the 13th Century

Gold Key (loaner garb for newcomers) available.

A&S display open 9 am - 4 pm

A&S competition judged at 4 pm
(winner announced during feast before dessert)

Lunch Tavern from 11:30 to 1 pm

Baronial Court 4:30 pm

Feast at 5 pm

Site closes at 8 pm

Heart of the Shepherd Lutheran Church

Exit 133 from I-96
South of I-96
If you reach Mason Rd, you will need to turn around.
If you reach Tanger Mall, you will have to turn around and go over the expressway to the other part of N Burkhart Rd.

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Adult: $15

Adult Discounted Member: $10

Youth (6-17 yrs): $5

Child (0 - 5 years: Free

Feast: $15

Children feast up to 12 yrs $5

The North Woods Baronial A&S Champion will be announced at this event.

Coming from the canton that brings you It Takes My Child to Raise a Village (our take on a family centered event), brought you Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium (our take on an A&S event), and Ale to the Victors (our twist on a fighting event)- we now presenting a new event - The Grand Tour.

We are trying our hand at preparing and serving a feast - WealdLake style.

What is a Feast without Armored and Rapier Fighting?

There are Rapier and Armored Tournaments during the day with the Finals as entertainment for Feast. The Finals format is based on a 13th Century Tournament.

With the announcement of the North Woods Baronial A&S Champion at this event, there will be A&S tournaments as well - A Populace Bean Count Tournament and a special 13th Century or Older Dessert A&S Tournament.

The judges for the Dessert A&S Tournament will be selected by a drawing. To enter the drawing it will be $5 a ticket. Entries from the tournament will be served at Feast.

What is a feast without music?

Live Music will be provided for your listening pleasure throughout the day and durring Feast.

The Feast

The format: you will enjoy a feast where all the dishes are from a specific period in time, with each course featuring delicious foods from different countries. This year the time period is the 13th Century.

Adult Feast Courses:

First course

Standard European fare
bread, cheeses, seasonal fruit, hydromel

First Remove

Andalusian stuffed eggs
Pallet cleanser: Italian ice Lemon

Second Course

Saffron Noodles : Normandy
Carrots with cumin: France
Oxymel : Italy

Second Remove

Roasted chicken: Germany
Pumpes : Normandy ( meat balls beef)
Pallet cleanser : Italian Ice Mint

Third course

Pottage of Rice: Normandy
Roasted Leeks: Normandy
Roasted Boar with Sauce: Normandy

Third Remove

All dishes will be removed before the 4th course.

Fourth Course

“clarée d’eau”: France
tart of apples: England
Roman Flan: Italy
A&S dessert entry's as well

Children's Feast Menu

bread, cheese & fruit
pan seared chicken drumbsticks
buttered noodles
glazed carrots
milk or honey water
dessert with parents

Come back for more information as it is cooked up!

Meal Deal: Soup, bread, beverage and cookie $5.00

Choice of:

Vegetable Pottage (Vegan and Gluten free)
Beef Barley



Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Hot Cider, Bottle of water

Cookie Choice:

Chocolate chip
Sugar (Gluten free)

Ala carte:

Bowl of soup $3.00
Cookie : $1.00
Bread: $1.00
Beverage: $1.00 or endless cup $2.50 (you supply your cup)


    Inspections, authorizations, pickups


    Early Bear Pit

  • Warm up. Simple tourney to get the blood going and burn off some calories before feast. Winner stay three bouts point per win. Wounds retained for bronze ring and up.

  • 11:00


  • Continue bear pit, demonstrations (if someone desires), or a 2 on 1 tourney. The more experienced fighter will hold the list against two lesser experienced fighters. 1 point per bout. If either side gets through the fight without being wounded they get an additional bonus point.

  • Noon


  • list open for practice (if marshal present)

  • 1:00

    Best of the Best

  • Round robin best of 5 with a little twist. Swiss 5 within the best of 5. If you do not have your two handed auth then rigid and non rigid are two separate styles. If you do have it then parry device and two handed your choice which parry. If you do not have all styles default to single unless your opponent allows you to reuse your styles. Top two will determine the winner during feast.

  • 2:00 (or when the other tourney finishes)

    Not that Style Tourney

  • Another simple round robin tourney. Best of three (or single elim if we all decide). The twist here you must fight with your last authorized style. If you don’t remember then your opponent picks.

  • 3:00

    Fates Tourney

  • For fun simple bear pit. Draw your opponents style and draw again for your advantage or disadvantage.

  • During Feast


  • Based on a 13th Century Tournament format.


    Inspections, authorizations, pickups


    I should've practiced tournament

  • Option of best of three or single elimination
  • Least practiced style, latest authorization or have partner choose

  • Noon


  • list open for practice/pick ups (if marshal present)

  • 1:00

    There are bears in this pit

  • For fun - Single sword only. Max 5 bouts
  • and
  • Loser stays, winner changes style. Everytime you leave you must come back with a new style.

  • 3:00

    Double Elim Tourney

  • For fun simple bear pit. Draw your opponents style and draw again for your advantage or disadvantage.

  • During Feast


  • Championship to be fought best of three. Loser chooses style.

11 am - Noon

Outdoor Play (if the weather is uncooperative indoor gross motor play will occur)

1 pm

13th Century Learning

2 pm - 3 pm

13th Century Games (one game involves food)

4 pm to Court

13th Century Miscellany

5 pm

Children’s Feast $5/Youth
(Fun activities after eating while adults are still feasting.
Children will rejoin parents for dessert.)

9:30 am

Portable Soup, Pocket Soup or Veal Glue?

What do the Magyars, the British Navy, and Louis and Clark all have in common?
They all carried soup in their pockets. Learn how to make this survival food, and a few interesting things you can do with it.

Instructor - Lord Horatio Archer

10 am

“People Stank in the Middle Ages and Other Lies the Victorians Told Me

A class on why the Middle Ages was not a era of foul odors and dirt, but an era of hygiene and alluring aromas.

Instructor - Lady Bryn Archer

11 am

Conquering your fears. A&S Documentation

Baroness Aliyah, Baroness of North Woods

1 pm

Finger Loop Weaving. Children welcome with parent.

Instructer - Lady Endlin von Baden

13th Century Learning. Open to Youth and Adults.

Instructor - The Honorable Lady SaehildR barngodR

2 pm - 3 pm

13th Century Games (one game involves food). Open to Youth and Adults.

Instructor - The Honorable Lady SaehildR barngodR

High Strung and Under Tension

Learn how to warp an inkle loom, basic designs, and how to create your own pattern.

Instructor - Lady Bryn Archer

4 pm to Court

13th Century Miscellany. Open to Youth and Adults.

Instructor - The Honorable Lady SaehildR barngodR

The Grand Tour Event Steward
Baroness Aliyah bat Azriel
Baroness of North Woods(email)

The Grand Tour Chief Cook - Lady Helena (email)

Rapier Marshal in Charge - Lord Lambert de Penrith(email)

Armored Marshal in Charge - THL Jean LaBref

Youth Activities - The Honorable Lady SaehildR barngodR(email)

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