a Canton of the Barony of North Woods

Grand Tour

Coming from the canton that brings you It Takes My Child to Raise a Village (our take on a family centered event), brought you Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium (our take on an A&S event), and Ale to the Victors (our twist on a fighting event)- we now presenting a new event - The Grand Tour.

We are trying our hand at preparing and serving a feast - WealdLake style.

The format: you will enjoy a feast where all the dishes are from a specific period in time, with each course featuring delicious foods from a different country.

Courses listed below are for clarification only:
course one- Wales
course two - Kingdom of Jerusalem
course three - Persia
dessert course - Golden Horde Khanate


Come back for more information as it is cooked up!


October 27, 2018


Heart of the Shepherd Lutheran Church

228 N. Burkhart Road
Howell, MI 48843-7638
Exit 133 from I-96

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Site is bone dry no exceptions.

The Grand Tour Event Steward - Baroness Aliyah bat Azriel, Baroness of North Woods(email)

The Grand Tour Chief Cook -Lady Helena (email)

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