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The Coronation of A'kos and Bella

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Site opens 8:30 am

Heart of the Shepherd Lutheran Church ~ 228 N. Burkhart Rd, Howell MI 48843

Class List for The Coronation of Akos and Bella

If you would like to teach a class, please contact the A&S Coordinators: Mistress Asalah al-Hina (email) & Mistress Anthionette de Martel (email)

Schedule of classes

Being the Exchequer and What that Means
Classroom 2, 1 pm

Presenter - Boiarynia Katalena Ivaniaia zhena Shishova, OP

The position of exchequer can be daunting and a little confusing. This class will review the procedures for becoming an exchequer and what to do afterwards. We will review the handbook and kingdom financial policies as well as go over reports and deadlines and procedures for day to day handling of group funds. This class counts for the exchequer warranting requirements. I will also be reviewing the policies and procedures for the MK ePay system. Please bring your laptops with downloaded copies of the MK financial policies and SCA Local Exchequer handbook or printed copies of each.
History of the Magyar
Classroom 3, 1 pm

Presenter - Mesterno Tyzes 'Zsof' Sofia, O.L.

Are the Hungarians really related to Attila the Hun? Were they really that incredible at archery? How many times were they invaded? And what about that blood oath? Learn about the stories, myths, and history of the Magyar.
Vocal herald like a Pro
Classroom 5, 1 pm

Presenter - Baron Ermenrich, Baron of Cynnabar

Learn some tips and tricks that will help you shout out a quick announcement or herald court with panache. This class is for both the new and the experienced.
Records Keeping for SCA Households and Groups
Classroom 6, 1 pm

Presenter -Lord Owen Mac Donald

How to collect, save, and maintain records in an SCA household or group. this class is going to be a forum style bring question and suggestion.
Glass Bead Making 101
Outdoors Parking Area, 1 pm

Presenter -Lady Godiva Osprey

Basics of glass bead making. All beads made in class will be donated as Largesse to The Crown.
Minister of Arts and Sciences class
Classroom 2, 2 pm

Presenter - Máistreacht Una Wynifreed Berry

The class will go over how to report, venue to display or compete in Middle kingdom, things to do to encourage A&S in your group, things to do to encourage A&S during an event, resources, and A&S stuff society wise. It will be part of you being a Minister of Arts and Sciences to attend this class.
Project Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, or, Tips and Techniques for Being Heard in Court (not just for Heralds)
Classroom 3, 2 pm

Presenter - Dmitrii Zhirov

The instructor, a well-recognized Court Herald in the Midrealm, will review techniques applicable to all speakers in a Court to allow themselves to be better-heard. If you think you'll EVER need to speak in Court, you may have reason to attend. Fee: $1 for handout.
Taking a Belt: What to Think about Before Becoming a Student to a Peer
Classroom 5, 2 pm

Presenter - Dame Elizabethe Alles OP, OL

A discussion about becoming a student to a peer in the SCA - the instructor will discuss the peer-dependent relationship and encourage questions and conversation from other attendees.
Early Egyptian Dolls
Classroom 6, 2 pm

Presenter - Mistress Anthionette de Martel

Based on grave finds from Egypt and a few other sites, these small wool dolls are easy to make. Based on research by Karen Johnson.
Beginner fingerloop braiding
Classroom 2, 3 pm

Presenter - Lady Endlin von Baden

Want to learn how to make beautiful cording for lanyards, bracelets, trim and more? You can do it with your own hands...uh, fingers. Supplies provided.
Islamic Art and Geometric Design
Classroom 3, 3 pm

Presenter - Lady Albina Gherardi

Hands on: Handouts, paper, and pencils will be provided. No math involved!
Middle Kingdom's Page School Class
Classroom 5, 3 pm

Presenter - Artemisia Voltera

Have you heard about Page School and are interested in learning more? Are you a parent, youth minister, youth mentor, or involved with the youth of the Kingdom? Come and learn about what Page School is and how adults and youth can be involved. Copies of the Handbook will be available. Class is lecture style.
Viking Age Furniture
Classroom 6, 3 pm

Presenter - THL Sunnifa Gunnarsdottir

A brief survey of the major finds of furniture from Norse sites including Dublin, Gokstad, Hedeby and Oseberg.

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